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Film Cameras


Krasnogors "k-3" 16mm & Super 16mm Cameras

These cameras are quick and easy to use. They are the best for quick handheld shots. Both 16mm and S16mm K-3's Shoot 8 frames - 48frames. 100ft daylight spool magazines. They are best used on as a second b-roll camera, documentaries, time lapse, and music videos.

Arriflex BL 16mm

The Arri BL is fitted with 2x 400 magazines and  a 12mm-120mm Angenieux Vari Focal lens. It shoots from 1fps - 50 fps and uses a small 12v battery. This camera is best for narrative pictures.


Some beautiful 16mm footage or Arizona desert.

Breathless inspired short film 

This is a short experimental film shoot on Arri BL 16mm.


Two short films combined into one. Shot on Canon Scoopic 16mm and Arri BL 16mm with Eterna Fuji film 500T.

This is some old film shot that came out red. The look wasn't desired, but its kinda cool.

Some 16mm film motion pictures

A test shoot for a scene in a feature. A priest and his friend having an important meeting. Shot on Arri BL 16mm Kodak and Fuji Film.

"Holy Smokes" Scene Test

Time lapse test on 16mm. Shot on k-3 super16mm and Arri BL 16mm

16mm Timelapse

Beautiful lights shot on k-3 16mm film camera.

Some raw 16mm footage of nature shot for a short Koyaanisqatsi inspired film.

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